Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Make a Booking ?

Bookings can be made online through this website from our Contacts page, Click here.

We will wish to speak to you about your pet, understanding their requirements before their arrival will allow us to prepare thoroughly to make their stay a place away from home.

Alternatively you can phone us 327 7015. Evenings are best as we are often out in the exercise areas with the dogs.

Remember to make bookings for Christmas Holidays early.

What do I need to bring for my pet?

Most important is that your pet has a current vaccination certificate not more than 12 months old and not less than 10 days before visiting.

You are welcome to bring your dog or cats favourite bedding and or toy. Please no bean bags.

We ask that your dog is kept on a lead at all times on arrival and departure.

All food will be supplied however if your pet is on a special prescription diet it may be necessary for you to bring the required food with you. Freezer space is available for pre cooked meals.

What are your Charges?

Our kennel charges start from $30 per day for small dogs apartment to $40.00 per day for Labrador - boxer size with a discount for a second dog sharing the same kennel. Extra large dogs price on application. A surcharge on public holidays and minimum booking dates apply over peak times.

Rates for dogs staying longer than three weeks will be discussed on an individual basis. We are able to quote for all major insurance companies for temporary accommodation for EQC Repairs.

Cat Charges start from $18 per day, $30 for two cats, $40 for three cats sharing the same unit.

Our fee structure works like motels. Pets not collected by 11.00am will incur an additional charge.

What Food Do you feed

We recommend and feed Royal Canin, Wild Frontier grain free not only to our guests but our own cats and dogs as well. Please discuss your pets diet with us, for some  on very specialised veterinary diets it may be necessary to bring their food with you.

Dogs are feed twice a day with puppies and dogs on special diets on individual programmes.

Raw food is available on request.

Cats enjoy a smorgasbord of Royal Canin dry foods all day long with feeding morning and evening with a selection of whiskers, fancy feast or chef as well as raw meat. Should your cat require special food or treats we ask that you bring these with you as it is impossible to supply the wide range of cat foods available.

What do we do if we find fleas on your pet?

If we find fleas on your pet, they will be treated with a veterinary approved product. This cost will be charged to your final account.

When are you open?

We ask that your dog is kept in your vehicle until you have checked in at the office. All dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times on arrival and departure.
Morning Hours:  8.30am-11.00am, 
Afternoon hours: 4.30pm - 6.00pm.